Hello all,

Currently I am working towards my Masters in Broadcast Journalism at the University of Westminster.

My strong interest in music has become the focus of many of my projects.

Whether it's a TV package about the state of live music, an online article about Michael Jackson's comeback tour or a radio documentary analysing the Beatles Master degree, I find myself using different media to discuss the impact music has on all of our lives.

This past summer, when I worked as an MTV intern, the music blog I created won me a free press pass to the 2008 Video Music Awards.

Some of my favorite memories occurred during my time as a promotions intern for Clear Channel Colorado in 2006. It was a dream come true to work backstage at Warped Tour and meet my favorite bands.

In addition, I wrote for the DU student newspaper in the Arts and Entertainment section and worked for the campus radio station KVDU.

I hope to one day become a television presenter in what else, music.